The Cancer Cyclone

Breast cancer is, quite clearly, not a joke but, I do feel that life has played some kind of prank.

In August, 2010, both my husband and myself were diagnosed with cancer.  I, with follicular thyroid cancer and he, with advanced renal cell carcinoma.

In December, 2013, my son was diagnosed with papilliary thyroid cancer with local spread.

In July, 2014, my husband, sadly, died.

In February, 2015, my daughter was diagnosed with a stage 1, triple negative breast cancer.

A four out of four hit, in a little over four years.  You couldn’t make it up.

October, 2017, I have been diagnosed with a stage 1, ER+, grade 3 breast cancer.

“Come on, you must be ……. joking”  There was I thinking that it was time for some icing on my cake but I’ve been landed with a bitter cherry on the top.



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